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Build traffic with your WebAlias

Your WebAlias addresses can build significant traffic to your site three ways:

1. Use your WebAlias to get higher search engine rankings.
Search engines are an important source of new traffic for all sites and many site owners work hard to make their sites appear at the top of search engine rankings.

But people often overlook a simple fact: some search engines will rank a site higher if key words appear in its internet address. Because you have total control over your WebAlias, you can finally make this work to your advantage!

But there's more. Because we actually optimize how each search engine indexes your WebAlias address, your site can get even better results!

The bottom line: your WebAlias address will likely pull in more traffic from search engines than your site's real address.

2. You'll get more more click-throughs from search engine results.
Let's say you're searching at your favorite search engine for a site devoted to the recent Star Wars movie, and you get these results:
1. http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Alley/5251/index.html
2. http://StarWars.moviefever.com

Which one are you more likely to actually visit? The second site, of course, because you know just from its address that you'll find exactly what you're looking for there - that's the power of a WebAlias address!

3. Your WebAlias encourages people to visit and revisit your website again and again.
How often have you wanted to revisit a great site but couldn't simply because you forgot it's complete address? Almost certainly, many people who enjoyed your site once couldn't come back simply because they couldn't remember your site's full address.

Your WebAlias will help eliminate this problem, which means that the number of repeat visitors to your site can skyrocket. We'll even give you free custom-generated graphics that you can display on your website announcing your WebAlias - this way you may never lose another satisfied visitor again.

Plus, with the recent addition of our exclusive "near-miss" technology, even if someone doesn't spell your WebAlias perfectly, chances are our system can guide him/her to you anyway. That's yet another way your site's real internet address just can't match a WebAlias address!

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